Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sharing some personal images

I'm currently taking a class at MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art&Design). Throughout this course, I must bring in 10 recent images to class for the instructor and other classmates to critique.

This is going to be a big challenge for me. I plan on photographing my kids and using them as the images being shown for critique. You see, then thing is, my kids are the toughest subjects to photograph. They know all my tricks, they know my little secrets to getting one's attention to the camera, they know all about bribery. "Mom, I'll let you take my picture so I can have McDonald's for lunch." - Anthony, 4 yrs old.

So even though this is going to be a big challenge, I'm looking forward to capturing my kids little quirkiness, their smiles, and tears. And who knows,,, I just might set the camera timer on, click my little remote, and be in the pictures with them.

So I would like to share some of the images that I will be presenting in class. And I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Here's the first one. Taken yesterday on a rainy day. I decided to let my boys play out in the rain. Letting them jump in puddles (oh the mud mess), watching them enjoy the rain hitting their face, and just being silly boys. And out of the bunch of pictures I took, I think this has to be my favorite.

Little boy, Big umbrella

The next image was taken today. WI and it's crazy weather. Yesterday was gloomy, thundering and raining. Today, sunshine and bright skies. Perfect weather for us to take a small walk along a path.

Here are the loves of my life. The boys just adore her and her eyes just sparkle when the boys give her all their attention.

So I hope you enjoy what I had to share. Check back weekly as I'll post more throughout the course of the class.

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