Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blogging Spree

It's been quite a while since I've been able to post on the blog. And I'm happy to post that I've been busy working with families this summer. So here are a few images from a gorgeous family from a few weeks ago.

I was lucky to photograph these two sweeties a year ago:

And here they are today:

The Newborn Yawn
Only babies can get away with yawning this big infront of people.

Cutie Tween and her sidekick young brother
Very fun family. I can relate to the girl, being the oldest and having a younger brother. Chasing me, teasing me, but all in all, very fun relationship. I had a lot of fun capturing these two together.

And another fun family

And the parents... They are the cutest couple!

And a blue-eyed cutie...
I think I have choosen this one year old as my daughter's future husband. I would love to show more from this session, but the mom hasn't seen her proofs yet. So just a quick sneak peek for her...

And my favorite milestone in babies...
I can't say "favorite age" since each baby is different. Well, I can say my favorite age to photograph a newborn is under 7 days old. But if I remember correctly, I think I photographed Baby K at 4 days old. And she was a perfect sleepy baby.

But, when babies learn how to sit on their own... Plus the drool, and the big toothless grin... It's my favorite stage! I always make room for babies at this stage.
And here is Baby K at 6 months old! Sitting all by herself so proudly!

So that's it for today. I'm technically suppose to be out of the office, but I just can't get myself away from work. I ignored my blog for too long so I just had to give some updates. :)

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