Thursday, May 01, 2008

a special visitor stopped by last night

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and left some goodies!
We had quite the surprise last night. My son lost his first tooth. We recently went to the dentist and we were told that it would be a while before he loses his first tooth. So when my son told me he lost his tooth and his mouth full of blood, I thought, "oh no, did he bang his mouth and injure himself?"

So when I asked him how did that happen, his reply, "I bit this (rubber) ball and my tooth pulled out." Huh? So I was unprepared for this event. I had this vision of how the tooth fairy was going to visit. I bought a fairy portal (by Claybykim through - check her out!) and I wanted to tell him a story how the tooth fairy comes through this door and sprinkles fairy dust and leaves gold coins for good, clean teeth. Luckily I had the fairy door, but I didn't have any money, no gold coins. It's 5 minutes to 7 pm and I'm calling local banks to #1 - see if they're open late and #2 - if they have any gold dollar coins. And it was my lucky day, I found a bank opened until 8 pm and they had a few gold coins. And instead of fairy dust, I found colorful stars to use.

So this morning, my son was excited to see some fun gum and two gold coins, one to save and one to spend. He loved the colorful stars and especially the door. And the tooth fairy left a little note:

This magical door will make your neighborhood fairies feel welcome to visit your room. Only good fairies are allowed to pass through the magic door. Thank you for having good, clean teeth. The stars will shine bright tonight. Love, the Tooth Fairy

And one quick snapshot before he left to school. He was so excited for his missing tooth. He thought he was going to be the only kid without ever loosing a tooth (some kids his age have already lost three teeth by now!) Thanks for letting me share a fun mommy moment :)


Anna Mayer said...

Oh, I just love the toothless phase. It is my favorite!

PamN said...

Could he be any cuter? Better stock up on more gold coins!

Lisa Kelly said...

I love the story and could that door be any cuter. And that grin missing a tooth is just priceless.

Nina Pomeroy said...

How cute!!! Just one of the many to come :)