Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nick's in the spotlight!

I had a great session this evening. Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing Nick - again. I started photographing Nick before I had my blog and I think even before I had my website. But within the last year, I've been busy photographing his little brother as a newborn and for Project: The Happy Baby.

So tonight, this session was all about Nick. He was my main focus. Very fun, lovable little man that kept me busy. And he's sweet as can be. We did do a few family shots with both boys, but since this session was about Nick, I'll post a couple of just him...

This is Nick's first year riding the bike. He's super fast on his bike and he can even make his tires skid!!! A little dare devil.

OK, and one of Nick and Mr. Chuck. I know he wasn't thrilled with doing a family session and I love Rachelle for making him do it. But I hope this image of him and his son changes his mind. I hope you had fun Chuck and that it wasn't too much torture. ;)

Thanks again Chuck and Rachelle for allowing me into your home and capturing these precious times of your children. I'm looking forward to editing the rest of your session!



Lisa Kelly said...

Nick is just gorgeous, what a grown up little guy he is. I am sure the dad will be so happy his wife 'made him' have the family session, these images will be treasured for years to come I am sure.

About SH Portraits said...

Dad will certainly be happy to have that image of him and his son, it is PERFECT!! If it were my husband and child I would be crying I'd be so happy. Lovely, all of them!

Patti said...

Such a cutie!