Monday, December 01, 2008

Were you as happy as her...

watching the snowflakes yesterday? These were taken yesterday afternoon when the snowflakes were big and beautiful. Perfect for snowflake catching and snowballs. But not so fun today shoveling it off our driveway!! It looks like the snow totals varied greatly around the Milwaukee area. Brookfield / Waukesha Area received about 6 inches of snow and Random Lake receiving about 10 inches of snow!!!

Calendar Update:
We are currently booked for family holiday sessions for the remainder of the year. We always keep a select number of openings for newborns, so if you are expecting, please contact us now to get on our newborn list so that we can prepare for your new arrival.

The office will be closed December 21st - January 11th, 2009. As some of you know, my house is under major construction and this will be a great time for me help out with the finishing touches. So I can't wait to cook in a new kitchen, have family dinners in our new spacious dining area, and to decorate a new family room.

Black Friday Sale - Thank you to those of you that took advantage of the sale! I will be making the phone calls this week to jot down your preferred dates for your session.


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I LOVE snow images...and how classic these look!