Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My new obsession... Tea.

And not just any tea, loose-leaf tea. I've always like green tea (especially since I'm not a coffee drinker), and during the cold winter months here in Milwaukee, it's nice to have a hot cup drink in the morning.

And recently, I've become quite addicted to Teavana (located in Mayfair Mall). Not knowing much about teas, I decided to take a visit. The workers were super nice and personable; it was like taking a Tea Class - 101. I learned the health benefits of tea, why loose-leaf vs bagged tea, and the different types of teas (and you can smell the different flavors too).

Since I liked green tea and wanted a little fruity flavor to it, I decided to try Green Tea Heaven. And believe me, it's Heaven in a cup, with a light fruity taste. From their website:
"A lavishly aromatic blend of Sencha green tea with strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, and red currants. By adding a fruity sweetness to the naturally good Sencha, this tea becomes exceptional. You'll enjoy every cup!"

I also purchased some Chamomile Tea and Peppermint Organic Tea (mixed together, a perfect blend to drink before night time).

And shown here, Utopian Jewel Oolong Tea (another fruity flavor) and next to it, German Rock Cane Sugar (reminds me of the rock candy on a stick... remember those as a kid?).

Next time you take a trip to Mayfair Mall, browse Teavana (and taste some of their free samples).


Jan Herbert said...

mmmmm... I love tea too! The last thing I do at night usually is drink a cup of chamomile tea... so good!

Lisa Kelly said...

Looks so yummy. You certainly made drinking a cup of tea sound so exotic, hehe.

Terrilyn said...

Ok, I don't even drink tea but that photo made me want to try it. Now that my dear is the mark of one amazing photographer! :D

lauir said...

I have the same little tea maker from Teavana! :) I go crazy buying all sorts of exotic teas there. Another good one at night is available at Aveda...really makes me sleepy.

Dawn Roberts said...

Yum! I love Chai. Love that shot.