Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

Waukesha, WI - children photographer

Today we broke a little tradition that we do every year... dye Easter eggs using crayons (for drawing) and food coloring (mixed w/ vinegar) or using a Paas kit. I came across an article about decorating eggs using glitter (Family Circle April issue), which looked so pretty in the magazine. Plus it looked like an easy project to do with the kids. Headed over to Michaels and bought all the supplies for the glittery eggs, plus some paint.

The painting of the eggs went well. My boys loved the idea of painting the eggs. A bit messy for my three-year-old daughter; thank goodness for washable paint! The glitter - not prepared for the mess!! Shiny, sparkly glitter everywhere. And my eggs look NOTHING like the article pictures. LOL.

But in the end, my kids had fun doing something different this year.




Yellow bunny reminds me of Peeps

Oh, and another tradition that was changed - hiding of the eggs. Normally the Easter bunny hides the eggs we decorate. Well since we glittered the eggs, I didn't want all the glitter around the house. So I said to my oldest that I was going to talk to the bunny and have her just hide the non-glitter eggs. Well after seeing my three-year-old's painted egg - which looks like it has 20 coats of paint on it and will be done drying for 2011's Easter egg hunt, I said to my husband that maybe we should just have the bunny hide plastic eggs this year. Well my son heard me say that and wrote this note which I thought was cute:


"Dear Easter Bunny,
Please Don't Hide the
Glider eggs and Don't
Hide the Paint and Glider eggs
that are mixed. Your frind
Tony :)

P.S. Just Hide the Painted eggs
P.S. #2 Don't Hide the
Painted eggs
i'm sorry that I mest
up Just Hide the Plastic eggs
and fill them up with candy."

I wish everyone a Happy Easter!

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Lisa Kelly said...

Love the decorated eggs, but more than that, I love that adorable letter. How sweet.