Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Beach Session

Milwaukee, WI - children photographer

I had another wonderful evening session with these two fun siblings. This was scheduled as a very special session - dad secretly set an appointment for a session to gift his wife, Chris, prints from the session for her birthday. This isn't the first time that dad did this, so to make it a little different than last time, we designed a Coffee Table Album for her.

Our Coffee Table Albums are one of our specialty items that we offer. Our most popular size is a 10x10. But since the dad wanted the images a tad bit bigger in the album, he upgraded to the 12x12, which makes the images even more stunning. The albums have thick, lay-flat pages with no middle gutter. We offer several different paper choices such as linen, watercolor, or recycled art paper.

(shown as a full spread 24x12)

(pages are adheard to heavy black card stock)

(the cover is customizable with images or your choice of wording and also available in metallic finish)

(can be displayed on an easel or lay flat on a table)

and here are some of the images from their beach session:



This was dad's favorite. He also gifted his wife a canvas portrait of her image choice. But he's secretly hoping it'll be this one of their kids. He really loves how natural they were laughing that evening.

And that was a real expression. The water was very cold that day!


Anna-Karin said...

Beautiful beach portraits. I love the joyous smiles you captured!

PamN said...

What a great guy - to fully appreciate how priceless these images of his precious children are, and to gift his wife with likely the gift she wants most!