Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The world needs more "4th" babies.

Milwaukee, WI - newborn photographer

Lots of great conversations in the household, his big sister giggling while putting Cherrios on his head, me moving him around to pose him, big brother telling him stories, outfit changes.... This little guy was a sweetheart through it all. He only fussed when he was hungry. Just going with the flow of things. He is going to have so much fun growing up with his older siblings.

Lucky for me, he gave me some bright-eyed stares:

and a minute later, he was sound asleep again:

Just sharing one moment with his big sister:

A big thank you to the family for letting me in your home and capturing your family during this special time in your lives.


Jill Velicer said...

Awww so sweet! :)

Mandi LoCoco said...

Thanks Sylvia, we are so excited to see all the pictures! You are the best!

Brian said...

Beautiful photo by the Christmas tree.

godskid said...

Wow! Great pic with the tree in the background. Looks heavenly! Those children are gorgeous! Excellent work! Wow!!

Anna-Karin said...

Beautiful sibling portrait and the newborn baby is just lovely!

nina pomeroy said...

love the newborn shots but that sibling shot is to die for!