Friday, May 27, 2011

Film Friday

Waukesha, WI - children photography

I may have mentioned in an earlier blog post about me shooting more family images, but on film. So I would like to show maybe one, or two, or maybe the whole roll of film that I've developed the past week.

I'm a little more patient when shooting with my film camera. It's not like my Nikon D3 where I get that instant gratification on the LCD - to see if I got the perfect shot. With my Nikon film camera, or Holga, or Yashica 124, I really have to be patient to get the perfect shot... there's no looking back at the LCD and deleting any images off the card.

So just for today, I will share two images from my film archives. It's my baby girl, Lili. I'm planning her party and it's hard to believe she's turning 5 years old. Love her to pieces!!

Both images taken with a Holga. Didn't write down the film type - but guessing Ilford

good morning sunshine

pulled this one from the archives and I laughed. Last night I took pictures of her and she had this same expression - tongue sticking out with a silly little grin! That's my silly Lili!

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Amy Anne Photography said...

Love to see other photogs using film! Great stuff ;)