Thursday, May 05, 2011

fun with film

This year, I vowed to take more pictures of my family - but on film. My kids get a kick out of it because they know they can't see the image right away like digital; and love coming with me to the lab to pick up the developed film to see what was taken.

Sometimes I'm a little slow on taking my film to the lab, like this one of little girl and pup, that I just recently developed. This was taken over a year ago at a dog park.

(shot with a Holga)
Lili and Mister Bean

same day, but used my son's Lomo Fisheye camera

Sunny Bean

same day, but using a Nikon film camera and Kodak's newest film, Portra 400

my boys trying to be cool for the camera

shot with a Yashica Mat-124
Mister Bean


Jill said...

Those are really cool!!

Marmalade said...


Did you dig the Portra?