Thursday, June 02, 2011

Newborn - 5 days old

Waukesha, WI - newborn photography

This was one of the most sweetest newborn sessions that took place in the residential studio. Such a sweet little baby, very peaceful and mellow. Tiny little peeps from him only when he was hungry.

I'll tell you an embarrassing, but funny, little incident that happened during our session. Most newborns that I photograph, are photographed bare. I always warn parent that accidents do happen, and they usually happen when the mom or dad are holding their baby while I'm photographing them. But not with Porter... he waited until we were switching posing positions and got me right in the FACE! LOL.

Having three kids of my own (two being boys) and photographing bare newborns for years, baby pee and poop doesn't phase me, but I did get a little squirmish when it did hit my face. LOL.

It was still a great session. So here's sweet Porter:

Love when parents bring items that are special to them to incorporate into the session. And super cool that it was ordered as a panoramic size.





Danna said...

oh my! these are so beautiful. That yawn is so stinkin cute! said...

Oh that is so darn adorable.. Love the last one :)

PamN said...

Oh my gosh that first one is sooo unique! LOVE the way you made a newborn session into a lasting, timeless piece of custom art. It will look incredible in their home!

Christy Johnson said...

So beautiful! That yawn made me sigh!

Sophie Crew said...

Ohh love these! The shot of baby in the guitar case is awesome! Love that sweet little face - adorable!

erin said...

These are all so precious. I love the last one. It is perfect!

Janine said...

Gorgeous! What a sweet squishy face. I love the idea of using the guitar case!

Julie said...

He is adorable! I love the guitar case too - very personal. Lovely session!