Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday - Minecraft Style

Waukesha WI - family photographer

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little guy!  Well, not so little... one more year and he'll be in the double-digits.  If you're kids are into video games, they are familiar with Minecraft (yes, Minecraft has their own WIKI).  So of course, my kid wants a Minecraft birthday party.  Only thing is... there aren't any Minecraft party favors out there.  So we had to be creative and make our own.  We picked a theme - TNT.

First person we contact is Debbie from Eat Cake Milwaukee.  Poor Debbie... she wasn't too familiar with Minecraft and I had to explain this video game to her and the description of the cake theme.  And she did a FABULOUS job!  Not only was it yummy chocolate, but the design was perfect.

(click on images for larger viewing)

After brainstorming, we came up with an idea on making a Creeper background to hang in our front picture window and in the dining room.  Since it was his birthday, he did the fun part of making the design.

The party bags were easy to make.  Green bags and make a Creeper face template.  Color in with a Sharpie.

TNT licorice (strawberry and chocolate flavors)

TNT tumblers filled with "bombs"

And the kids favorite party gift, Minecraft bottle necklaces.

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